Magazine Article | September 1, 2022

What Can Small Biotech Companies Do To Prepare For Worsening Macroeconomic Conditions?

Source: Life Science Leader

TO PREPARE AND FLOURISH, SMALL COMPANIES MUST PRIORITIZE programs and appropriate human capital to high-value programs. It is still critical to have backup plans, but these should be directed to core programs. To ensure you are capitalized, “fill the well” (bring in money) when you can, even if it is not empty, and do not overly fixate on valuation. Small companies also should consider partnerships on core programs, especially if there are synergies. This could lead to an M&A and ultimately advancing the therapy in a meaningful and resourced manner. Consolidation and collaboration can offset or cut costs and may accelerate development. It is a time of survival of the fittest and most flexible.

LESLIE WILLIAMS is cofounder, president, and CEO of hC Bioscience, Inc.