Magazine Article | December 7, 2017

What Disruptive Technologies Will Transform Biopharma In The Next Three To Five Years?

Source: Life Science Leader

A: I WAS JUST READING A LIFE SCIENCE LEADER ARTICLE on Blockchain and its potential applicability to pharma. Although it arose as a way to secure financial transactions, I am hearing more about its applicability to secure technology systems in the tech arena. Although data security is always of concern to pharma, particularly in a clinical trial setting, I do agree that integration of Blockchain into our highly regulated processes will take time. However, if its promise is demonstrated in other industries over the next few years, Blockchain could be a disruptive technology that transforms pharma: everything from the way we perform clinical trials, to the way we assemble documents for regulatory filings, to the way we do partnership deals, to the way we manage supply chains and product sales.

Carol is CEO of Sequella, a private company that develops new anti-infective drugs. She was formerly CSO at Anergen and EVP/CSO at EntreMed.