Video | February 5, 2021

What Does It Take To Start A Biopharmaceutical Company?

Source: Life Science Leader

We know a lot of people dream of starting their own business, which is why see roughly 600,000 new businesses open each year in the United States. Some 2,000 of these consist of biopharmaceutical companies. And as many Life Science Leader readers daydream of starting and leading their own biopharmaceutical company someday, or leaving the comfort of Big Pharma or academia to join a biopharma startup, we thought it would be informative to host an executive virtual roundtable (EVR) with three biopharmaceutical company CEOs who have done just that. In this EVR, Faraz Ali, CEO, Tenaya Therapeutics; Rahul Ballal, Ph.D., CEO, Imara; and Sekar Kathiresan, M.D., CEO, Verve Therapeutics, share their biopharma startup journey, along with some best business practices and wisdom gained along the way.