Magazine Article | December 3, 2018

What Does The Future Hold?

Source: Life Science Leader

By Rob Wright, Chief Editor, Life Science Leader
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In November I attended the ninth annual CNS Summit, a conference focused on helping life science executives collaborate regarding novel solutions (i.e., CNS). The event was filled with many forward-looking educational panels and sessions, one of which I attended titled BioPharma Trends: What Does The Future Hold? Led by Leigh Householder, EVP, managing director, innovation and insight at Syneos Health Communications, the session previewed the company’s 2019 “trend ten” report to be published near the end of November 2018. One of the trends discussed was the more challenging reality physicians face in today’s healthcare environment. Information gathered by Syneos Health notes doctors being less happy, making less money, and having less autonomy and time to do their jobs. An M.D., Ph.D, seated next to me leaned over and whispered, “I am still paying off my student loans.” The person went on to explain that because of the kinds of challenges Householder was outlining, they had chosen to cofound a company for which they currently serve as CEO instead of continuing to practice medicine full time.