What Happens If We Have A Bunch Of COVID-19 Therapeutic And Vaccine Development Failures? Could Biopharma Be The Next Dot-Com Bubble To Burst In 2021?

Source: Life Science Leader
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BIOPHARMA WILL NOT BE THE NEXT DOT-COM BUBBLE. The biopharma industry has raised significant capital in 2020. While not all of the companies, programs, and products that have been funded will be successful, some, perhaps many, will be.

What could go wrong? Well, all the usual things. We are in a very risky business, and we know a lot of exciting possibilities will fail.

In the end, whether biopharma is headed for a boom or bust depends on what it always has depended on — delivering results. If this new tremendous inflow of capital results in the development of new therapies and patients’ lives are improved and value is created, the boom will continue.

THOMAS WIGGANS is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Dermira. He has served as CEO and board member of several biopharmas.