What Has Been The Greatest Biopharma Business-Related Insight You Have Gained From Continued Operations During The First Half Of This Year?

Source: Life Science Leader
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A | WE MUST PROVIDE THE SPACE IN OUR COMPANY TIMELINES FOR EVERYONE TO OBSERVE AND BE THOUGHTFUL. This time allows us to envision opportunities and debate new ideas, as well as listen carefully to our colleagues, analyze our mistakes, accomplish more with less, and create a clear mission and a vision for our team. We are dedicated to the routine time and space to thoroughly discuss problems and solutions in a forum that rewards the act of mutual respect. Our goal is that respectful interactions become a core company value, which in turn creates common ground for difficult discussions needed to navigate the sometimes-overwhelming hurdles facing small companies that address big problems.

PAMELA CONTAG, PH.D., is the CEO and president of BioEclipse Therapeutics, a clinical-stage, next generation immunotherapy company.