What Is The Biggest Challenge Biopharma Is Facing That Not Enough People Are Paying Attention To?

Source: Life Science Leader

THE PHARMA CONUNDRUM. We strive for patient-centric healthcare in a world that is becoming increasingly impersonal. Decentralized trials are promoted as a win for clinical research, but is DIY medicine our true goal? We legislate for data privacy, but data out of context is meaningless. The public demands we respond quickly to eradicate new diseases then refuses to take the medicine. We champion inclusion and diversity, but the need for speed compels us to take what comes our way. We want to inform and educate patients but bury the risks in 20 pages of extraneous detail. The lure of the overnight blockbuster breakthrough drug is strong but creates stress and burnout. Precision medicine and targeted therapy are worthy endeavors but commercial challenges. COVID restrictions forced us out of our offices to adapt our ways of working, but is this the new normal or do we go back to the way we were? It seems our solutions are our new problems.

MARY ROSE KELLER is VP of clinical operations at Acrivon Therapeutics. She has 30+ years of industry experience.