What Recommendations Do You Have For A Biopharma Exec Considering Consulting As A Second/ Next Career?

Source: Life Science Leader
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A: CONSULTING CAN BE A RICH AND REWARDING SECOND CAREER, but there is risk involved. It requires commitment, strategy, consistent execution, and a willingness to reach out to others. Before making the leap, consider:

  1. Do I have enough money in the bank to take me through a startup phase with little income, no work, and/or pro-bono starter projects?

  2. Does my spouse or life partner have a solid enough career to temporarily tide us over?

  3. Do I have the patience and confidence to start a new venture?

  4. Who among my network can introduce me to potential clients?

  5. How will I let people know what I want to do, what I’m capable of, and how to best work with me?

  6. Will I start my own business or work for a larger consulting firm that’s already got resources (e.g., website, connections) in place?

  7. Finally, do I like consulting? If unsure, talk to other consultants to find out what it’s like.

LIZ BYWATER, PH.D., speaker and author of Slow Down to Speed Up!, advises executives at some of the world’s most successful companies to drive growth, propel innovation, and lead change.