What's Next In Processes And Facilities?

Source: Life Science Leader
Maik Jornitz GCON LN

A: ON THE PROCESS SIDE, single-use technologies are rapidly being implemented, especially in bioprocesses. This can be seen in the growth rates of single-use suppliers and new bioprocessing sites that chose to implement single-use process equipment (when the volume range allows it). This process technology functions as an enabler for new facility designs, for example, creating cleanroom islands surrounded by media and buffer supplies within a larger open area.

The future for processes and facilities holds a higher degree of standardization as well as platform designs that can be deployed within months. Today’s capacity needs and increased competitive pressure make many legacy systems obsolete, creating the need for more outside-the-box mind-sets.

Maik Jornitz is CEO of G-CON Manufacturing and founder of BioProcess Resources. He has more than 30 years of experience.