What's The Fastest Route To Creating A High-Performing Team?

Source: Life Science Leader
Liz Bywater

A: TO ELEVATE YOUR TEAM’S PERFORMANCE to the highest level, do what I advise my Fortune 50 clients. 1. Be crystal clear about what you are trying to achieve. Quickly uncover and address areas of ambiguity, confusion, or misalignment around your vision and goals. 2. Make sure you’ve got the right people in the right roles doing the right things. Do you have the best and brightest? Are people in roles that play to their strengths? Is the team working proactively and focused on priorities 90 percent of the time? 3. Get your people talking to each other. Make it clear that everyone is to work collaboratively, transparently, and respectfully to realize your vision and achieve remarkable results.

Liz is a leadership expert, popular speaker, and author of the forthcoming Slow Down to Speed Up! She helps top executives drive growth, propel innovation, and lead change.