What's Your Perspective On The Rise Around Virtual Pitching To Investors, And What Will Be Its Impact On Annual Investor Meetings Like The Biotech Showcase And JPM In 2021?

Source: Life Science Leader
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A | DURING THE COVID-19 CRISIS, INVESTOR CAPITAL HAS CONTINUED TO FLOW INTO PRIVATE COMPANIES. I plan to stick to as normal a schedule as possible at JPM and the Biotech Showcase, even though they will be done virtually. I would suggest three steps. First, set up the meetings that you were planning as if you were there in person. Second, schedule enough time to have substantive conversations, not just the quick 30-minute flybys that we normally schedule. Third, be vigilant about the proper follow-up, just as we do when we have actual in-person meetings.

DENNIS PURCELL a founder and senior advisor of Aisling Capital LLC, has completed over 200 transactions and supervised over $15 billion in life sciences industry financing and advisory assignments.