Magazine Article | February 1, 2023

What Tips Would You Give To An Early-Stage Biopharma CEO Preparing To Present New Clinical Data At A Medical Meeting?

Source: Life Science Leader

COMPANY LEADERS SHOULD KEEP THE PUBLIC’S TRUST FIRST AND FOREMOST IN MIND. For a public company, delivering pristine data, on time, is the critical first step. Once the data are ready to present, investors will want to know what it means for the stock price, but the overarching public relations strategy should always be patient-focused: What do the data mean for patients? If it’s good for patients, the rest will follow. That is also why it’s important to build the story. Preparing stakeholders ahead of data results, in terms of what is possible, and what is still unknown, is key. I’ve worked for companies that remain silent prior to the release of new data and are then surprised when there’s not much response. Company leaders should use a multifocal strategy that engages the core constituencies — the press, investors, clinical investigators, and patients — so they know what is coming. From an organizational standpoint, investor relations should run the show in the lead-up to presenting data, working closely with the clinical team and KOLs. But the clinical team should always make the final call about data and appropriate messaging.

RICH DALY is president at CARsgen Therapeutics and has more than 25 years of biopharmaceutical industry leadership experience, including roles as chairman and CEO.