What U.S. Government Initiative Do You Think Has Proven Most Beneficial To Sparking Innovation In The Drug Industry?

Source: Life Science Leader
Carol Nacy Photo 2008 LN web

A: THE TRANSFERABLE NEGLECTED TROPICAL DISEASE FDA PRIORITY REVIEW VOUCHER (PRV) is probably the most important government initiative to stimulate investment in diseases affecting billions of patients in developing countries. The ability of a large company to purchase such a voucher for use on a potential blockbuster drug in an indication otherwise ineligible for priority review can catapult an asset well ahead of its competitors. The ability of a small, cash-poor company to sell the voucher to a larger firm developing that blockbuster drug can provide a financial benefit independent of the commercial risk of neglected diseases products. It’s a win-win for seller and purchaser. Issuance of many Rare Pediatric Disease PRVs, a sister program, has now increased supply and depressed sales price of PRVs in the last year, which is unfortunate.

Carol is CEO of Sequella, Inc., a private company that develops new anti-infective drugs.