What Was The Best Piece Of Leadership Advice You've Ever Received?

Source: Life Science Leader
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A | IT WAS TO SURROUND MYSELF WITH PEOPLE THAT ARE SMARTER THAN I AND EMPOWER THEM. I received this advice during the first of several unusual career transitions, such as moving from a legal position to business, where I’d be managing people for the very first time. As I was coming into a critical business role with little management experience, I looked for the very best people who knew more and had more experience than I. As a result, we met all of our goals in my first year. Over the years I’ve received this advice from a number of successful leaders, beginning very early in my pharma career. Ever since, I have executed on this repeatedly in every role I’ve ever been in, and it works like a charm every time!

JEFF BERKOWITZ is CEO and director of Real Endpoints, a data/analytics advisory firm. He presently serves on several biopharma boards.