What Was The Most Challenging Experience You've Encountered As A Leader?

Source: Life Science Leader
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A | EARLY IN MY CAREER, WE FACED A POTENTIAL SUPPLY SITUATION. Crisis management is a key element of an organization. However, no amount of planning can prepare you for all scenarios. We frequently find ourselves running in a reactive mode when crises arise. We tend to focus on only one piece of the puzzle, while losing sight of the bigger picture. This is the least preferable approach. Reduce your risk of missing the target by taking the time to reflect, develop a strategy, adapt according to the available information, utilize a process — and most importantly — engage the network. In this situation, we eventually took the appropriate steps to use the available information, communicated promptly to all the stakeholders to ensure awareness, and were able to mobilize the resources, attention, and collective intelligence to have the issue resolved.

JASON URBAN, PH.D., leads Bristol-Myers Squibb’s external engagement function within the Global Product Development & Supply (GPS) organization and is accountable for development and execution of GxP external engagement strategy.