Magazine Article | January 6, 2014

Who's Improving Bioprocessing In 2014?

Source: Life Science Leader

By Eric Langer, president and managing partner, BioPlan Associates, Inc.

Last month we discussed the broad trends in innovation in bioprocessing that will shape the next five years. These include better single-use devices, assays, connectors and system integrations, and alternatives to chromatography. This month we drill down into areas where product innovators are actually investing in these improvements and technologies. Below is a sampling of key bioprocessing innovations. A thorough treatment would require an encyclopedia; this is an appetizer for what’s to come.

2014 will be another year of advancement for biopharmaceutical bioprocessing and manufacturing. This will include continued incremental advances that allow manufacturers to do more with less: less capital investment, lower operational cost, less time (speed to market), and better labor usage. Some specific examples include the ability to manufacture using smallerscale equipment and facilities aided by ever-increasing process yields; better cell lines, expression systems, and optimized culture media; increased adoption of single-use bioprocessing equipment; and better downstream/purification technologies and equipment.