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11.17.23 -- Why You Should Learn The Power Of Decision Planning


RNA Delivery Business With Liberate's Shawn Davis, Ph.D., & Walter Strapps, Ph.D.

Earlier this year, Shawn Davis, Ph.D., left a pretty comfortable position at AstraZeneca to lead Liberate Bio. He brought along another industry notable in Walter Strapps, Ph.D., to serve as CSO. Why'd they do it? Because RNA delivery is such a crucial step toward revolutionary genetic medicine, but it's tough science. They think they can change that. Hear their story on the latest episode of the Business of Biotech.


AI & ML: A Review Of EMA And FDA’s Approach

In this article, we outline the AI- and ML-related documents and guidances the FDA and EMA have released thus far, comparing and contrasting their areas of focus and concern.

Heading Back Home To The Heart

Cardior Pharmaceuticals, led by CEO and cofounder Claudia Ulbrich, is developing what may be a much broader approach to heart failure, one that seeks to restore the diseased heart to its natural healthy state.

The Power Of Decision Planning

We incorporate organization/project activities, milestones, people resources, financial resources, and many other inputs into our planning tools. So why do so many talented strategic planners not include decision points in their planning tools?


Extractables And Leachables: Risk Management And Analytical Solutions

Partnering with a CDMO that offers comprehensive and robust E&L studies can help facilitate a smooth product launch by ensuring minimal impact from impurities, all while mitigating risks.

How Distributed Automation And DPM Support Resilient Biomanufacturing

Learn how embracing digital transformation through the use of distributed automation and digital plant maturity can support productivity, efficiency, and resilience in biomanufacturing.

Ensuring Smooth Adaptation Of New Digital Technologies

A seamless adaptation of new digital technologies is possible if it is carefully planned and specifically tailored. Explore some of the key points related to the adaptation of digital transformation 4.0.

When To Outsource Protein Biologics Development And Manufacturing

Learn the elements and market factors impacting the make/build vs. buy decision, considerations to examine when evaluating options, and best practices for navigating this decision.


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