Will The "Work-From-Home" Concept Ever Take Off In The Biopharma Industry? If Yes, What Conditions/Trends Will Enable It To Happen? If Not, What Are The Barriers Stopping The Industry From Embracing This Trend?

Source: Life Science Leader
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A: HUMAN INTERACTION AND COLLABORATION ARE VITAL TO PROGRESS IN OUR INDUSTRY. Ideas are born and problems are solved during watercooler conversations. Spontaneous team meetings to discuss scientific data, develop strategies, and improve efficiencies and processes lead to important breakthroughs. Also, the value of “listening” to unspoken language and cues is priceless. Each team member’s unique experiences, expectations, relationships, and emotional connections are key elements in creating a company’s culture. These are harnessed in daily interactions. Culture is the magic ingredient that enables teams to thrive on the roller coaster ride that most small biopharma companies experience.

LESLIE WILLIAMS is the former president, CEO, and founder of ImmusanT, a clinical-stage company focused on peptide treatments for autoimmune diseases. She has more than 20 years of industry experience.