With The Growing Number Of Clinical Disappointments In Alzheimer's Disease, How Will We Meet The Cognitive And Neurodegenerative Needs Of An Aging World Population?

Source: Life Science Leader
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A: FOR ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE (AD), THE PROBLEM LIES IN THE CLINICAL ARENA. To prove efficacy, one must run multiyear trials in patients with severe disease which might not be reversible. Such trials are high-risk and very expensive. As a result, companies are choosing to invest in areas with a higher likelihood of technical success where proving concept in the clinic doesn’t require as large a financial commitment. More basic research is needed to come up with new targets that help to unravel basic neurological pathways. Compelling new insights could spark renewed interest and an appetite for investing to an area that right now needs serious invigoration.

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JOHN LAMATTINA, PH.D., is a senior partner at PureTech Health and the former senior VP at Pfizer and president of Pfizer Global Research and Development.