Video | September 28, 2021

Wooing Top Talent: Hiring And Recruiting Strategies For Life Science Companies

Source: Life Science Leader

Prior to the pandemic, the United States was in one of the longest economic expansions in U.S. history. In fact, the country was so ripe with jobs that economists considered the U.S. to be operating at full employment. Fast forward to today, and that situation has multiplied, with more than one million more job openings than people looking for work – at every skill and salary level! Competition for top talent in life sciences remains fierce. So how do company’s set themselves apart? In this latest executive virtual roundtable (EVR), panelists discuss some of the current trends in hiring and recruiting, along with some best practices used in building out their teams. This EVR includes perspectives from Usama Malik, CEO, Fore Biotherapeutics; Paula Ragan, Ph.D., CEO and cofounder, X4 Pharmaceuticals; Jonathan Rigby, CEO, Revolo Biotherapeutics; and Matt Toner, cofounder and CEO, LifeSci Search.