For a life sciences company, the location of its headquarters, R&D, and/or manufacturing facilities can significantly impact several factors directly relevant to organizational success. A prime location can deliver steady, reliable access to workforce talent, and business development initiatives, favorable shipping and distribution logistics, specialized facilities, and more.

Middlesex County, NJ — through organic growth and carefully considered investment in the space — has emerged as such a haven for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Middlesex County is home to industry giants like Johnson & Johnson, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Novo Nordisk, as well as a multitude of support entities, including laboratory equipment providers, CROs, and CDMOs.

Middlesex County boasts the most life sciences employees of any county within the state of New Jersey. Biotech jobs, in particular, are growing quickly, at a rate exceeding the national average.  In addition to a wealth of traditional roles (e.g., biochemists, biomedical engineers, biophysicists), the county’s workforce includes significant talent in data-relevant roles, such as data scientists, analysts, and engineers — individuals in high demand to support clinical trial optimization. This talent pool is bolstered by both world-class educational institutions and local government initiatives.

Moreover, Middlesex County’s Office of Business Engagement has focused on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors based on our existing strengths, our goals for the county’s economic evolution moving forward (i.e., the types of jobs we wish to create), and acknowledgement of where the industry is going — ensuring we invest our resources properly to support that growth and provide companies here a competitive advantage.

In addition to serving the major players who have called Middlesex County home for more than 100 years, we can offer startups and entrepreneurs specialized facilities, unique incentives and programs that support their fundraising, and access to numerous research partners.


Middlesex County, NJ

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