• Sikich’s SuiteSuccess for Life Sciences, built on NetSuite, helps companies grow from pre-revenue to commercialization in a fast, painless manner that ensures compliance and allows users to focus on what they do best: developing new medicines for patients who need them.

  • You can transition from disparate data sources, inconsistent data management, and risk-prone compliance to a business culture that thrives on insight, streamlined and secure data management, and efficient, low-risk compliance practices. The Sikich life sciences team can help you achieve this quickly with industry-optimized cloud software and a wealth of expertise.

  • CROs may repeatedly perform projects for the same clients, but, for many of them, there is never any assurance that clients will commit to more. That leaves their accounts vulnerable to a competitive takeover. Read about how study execution and applications must be improved in order to thwart a takeover.

  • Consistently providing excellent client experiences is one of the hallmarks that separates the most innovative and value-focused CROs from the rest of the field. To modernize and simplify the technologies that serve clients, integrate proven software systems into a cloud environment optimized for CROs.

  • In the last ten years, Sikich has been able to help a number of pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organizations (CRO) build technology platforms that enable them to run and grow their businesses. While the two types of companies share some concerns and trends, CROs are probably more challenged and limited by the choices of software tools that are available to them.



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