2024 Revolutionizing Transplantation CME Conference - La Jolla, California

October 19, 2024 - CA US

Scripps Health


The landscape of genomics and diagnostics in organ transplantation has witnessed remarkable advancements, undergoing rapid evolution and presenting exciting prospects. These developments hold great promise for enhancing outcomes in transplantation medicine. The primary areas of progress have been in the realms of immunosuppression management, graft surveillance, and the refinement of HLA typing techniques, allowing for more precise donor-recipient matching. Furthermore, emerging techniques have begun to emphasize viral surveillance, recognizing its potential impact on transplantation outcomes, and the monitoring of antibodies, particularly concerning donor-derived cell-free DNA. These innovations collectively contribute to a dynamic and transformative landscape within the field of organ transplantation, offering new avenues to improve patient care and transplantation success. In addition to the aforementioned technologies, the future holds exciting prospects in the realm of precision medicine, offering highly individualized treatment approaches geared towards minimizing rejection, reducing immunosuppression, and optimizing graft function. The integration of biomarker discovery with artificial intelligence and machine learning promises to unlock the potential for personalized medicine in transplantation. Additionally, there is a growing emphasis on multi-organ preservation techniques, particularly those involving perfusion and preservation, aimed at enhancing the viability of donated organs, thus extending the window of opportunity for transplantation. Regenerative medicine, harnessing the power of stem cells and other innovative techniques, as well as xenotransplantation, are gaining prominence in the field of transplantation. This course aspires to identify subject matter experts in multi-organ transplantation to share their insights and knowledge regarding the current and future prospects of genomics and diagnostics in transplantation, providing a comprehensive understanding of this evolving landscape. Time: 07:00 to 17:00

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