Lab Ops and Facility Management for Biopharma Summit

May 28 - 30, 2024 - CA US

Hanson Wade
Phone:+1 617 455 4188

The last 3 years continue to see California rising as a competing biotech hub, incubating fast-growing biopharma and becoming a favored satellite site to large pharma in the West Coast. Notable developments include Moderna leasing a new campus in Seattle, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center opened a $320m campus, and Gilead's new research center underway. However, lingering market volatility simply means lab operations managers within fast-growing biopharma in the West Coast need to be even more adept at business operations, as they play the critical role to the health of R and D pipeline progression and business continuity in 2024. As part of the flagship LAFM community, the premier Lab Operations and Facility Management for Biopharma Summit is here to provide the much-needed support for lab ops experts within mid-sized biotechs. Bringing together over 60 leaders this May in San Diego and in collaboration with Merck, BioMarin and Nanoimaging, we look forward to helping you to: - Increase spend visibility and explore saving opportunities to increase capital efficiency - Achieve agility through balancing short-term needs, mid-term growth and long-term uncertainty from a lab space and facility management perspective - Equip you with the critical financial planning and risk assessment knowledge, and bridge the gap between scientific and operational teams - Adopt novel models with your lab asset vendors and OEMs, as well as integrated FMs services to improve productivity and cost-effectiveness As lab managers and facility management leaders continue to spin multiple hats in 2024, this is your must-attend forum, arming you with the R and D lab ops knowledge which will be pivotal to your pipeline and organization's success. Join us to network, benchmark, and reclaim time back for scientists! Time: 9:30 AM - 3:45 PM

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