Mayo Clinic Sleep Medicine Update 2024

July 31, 2024 - August 3, 2024 - BC CA

Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development

The Mayo Clinic Sleep Medicine Update course is conducted by Mayo Clinic sleep researchers and clinicians. This course reviews the latest advances in practice and research using case-based scenarios enriched with personal clinical experiences. The course is designed to provide attendees with a comprehensive review of sleep disorders and practical steps to enhance clinical skills and practice. Relevant for sleep medicine specialists including MDs, DOs, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, internists and family medicine specialists, pediatric sleep medicine practitioners and general pediatricians, ENT specialists with interest in sleep apnea, psychiatrists with interest in insomnia, neurologists with interest in sleep associated neurological diagnoses and sleep administrators and practice managers. Course Highlights: -Expert faculty discuss the multidisciplinary approach to the practice of sleep medicine for best patient outcomes -Clinical course geared toward increasing clinical knowledge and improving sleep health -Updates on the latest practice guidelines for diagnostics and therapeutics from leaders in the field of sleep medicine -Interactive case-based presentations with audience participation questions -Access to course recordings for one year Learn more and review the complete program schedule at: Time: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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