Targeted Protein Degradation for CNS

January 16 - 18, 2024 - MA US

Hanson Wade

Following proof of concept in oncology, misfolded and aggregated pathological proteins across CNS indications are the new frontier for protein degradation technologies. Heading to Boston, the Targeted Protein Degradation for CNS Summit is uniting 50+ experts with 3-days of industry-focused content solely dedicated to delivering and translating TPD technologies to degrade undruggable extracellular and intracellular CNS proteins. Don't miss your chance to join industry leaders pioneering the exploration of PROTACs, AUTOTACs, molecular glues, and more revolutionary TPD technologies against CNS targets. This is your only chance to attend an industry-focused meeting dedicated to showcasing early CNS biopharma investment and overcoming your challenges to translate safe and efficacious protein degraders into the clinic for neurology patients. What's in store? Discover the state-of-the-art preclinical CNS protein degrader development and navigate considerations for future CNS degrader clinical trials with Arvinas Understand development of AUTOTACs and alternative degraders to target extracellular CNS aggregates via autophagy-mediated degradation with AUTOTAC Bio and PAQ Therapeutics Break down degrader properties and translatable learnings from neuro-oncology to accelerate and optimize degrader delivery across the BBB with Nurix Therapeutics and DFCI Evaluating PROTAC pharmacokinetics, achievable brain exposure and off-target degradation to optimize CNS degrader translation with Genentech Discuss the pitfalls in protein degrader assays to brainstorm CNS-specific assay considerations with AstraZeneca Download full event guide - Register to attend - Time: 09:00 to 16:45

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