5th RNAi-Based Therapeutics Summit

February 13 - 15, 2024 - MA US

Hanson Wade


Despite the exciting advancements and new investments into the field, the development of new RNAi therapeutics is plagued by difficulties with extra-hepatic delivery and scale-up of manufacturing production. in February 2024 the 5th RNAi-Based Therapeutics Summit is returning to Boston with brand-new content and a refreshed pre-conference workshop day which will showcase novel platforms and strategies for targeting beyond the liver to enable the development of RNAi therapeutics to target the undruggable. This industry dedicated meeting will unite 100+ technical and strategic leaders including Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Transcode Therapeutics, Sirnaomics and OliX Pharmaceuticals to face key bottlenecks within the field through data-driven presentations and interactive, discussion-led sessions to accelerate RNAi therapeutics into the clinic and towards approval.

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