2024 Diabetic Lower Extremity Symposium

November 7 - 8, 2024 - MA US

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What is this meeting about? Diabetic foot problems significantly impair the quality of life of diabetic patients. Each year in the United States, these complications lead to more than 750,000 new diabetic foot ulcers and 70,000 lower extremity amputations. This extraordinary three day symposium will promote better understanding of the unmet management needs of Diabetic Lower Extremity (DLE) complications and the new therapeutic approaches that are currently under development. Main objectives: Provide an overview of current and unmet management of DLE complications caused by reduced blood supply and/or neuropathic damage Discuss new developments in basic, translational and biomaterial research that impact DLE management Explore new therapeutic approaches, from early pre-clinical to late clinical stage of development through presentations from leaders in academia and in the biotechnology industry Identify possible areas of collaboration between academia and industry Who should attend this symposium? Physicians involved in DLE management (general, vascular and plastic surgeons, podiatrists, diabetologists, ID specialists, neurologists, wound care specialists) Scientists and engineers involved in fundamental or translational biomaterial research R and D personnel from small and large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies involved in the development of new therapeutic approaches for DLE Time: 8:00 AM - 5:35 PM

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