STOLLER: A Comprehensive Tutorial in Musculoskeletal Imaging Using the Stoller Checklist Technique

June 26 - 28, 2024 - HI US

CME Science

Upon completion of program, participants should be able to: -Employ a shoulder checklist method including interpretation techniques for the rotator cuff and interval, biceps labral complex, inferior glenohumeral ligament complex, and capsular structures including the anterior band. -Identify glenoid wear patterns in multidirectional instability, microinstability, anterior and posterior instability. -Develop a knee checklist with foolproof ACL diagnosis and techniques for prospective diagnosis of all types of meniscal tears, differentiating circumferential surface from cross sectional tear patterns. -Introduce strategies in the evaluation of the cruciate ligaments, posterolateral instability, and articular cartilage. -Utilize a femoroacetabular impingement checklist to distinguish between FAI and DDH pathology. -Discuss approaches for accurate acetabular-labral tear identification. Introduce orthopedic articular cartilage classification for the acetabular roof. -Develop an ankle checklist including articulations, ligaments, tendons and articular cartilage. -Describe all types of soft tissue ankle impingement and posterior ligamentous and subtalar joint anatomy. -Develop a wrist checklist with emphasis on the intrinsic and extrinsic ligaments and the triangular fibrocartilage. -Explain the relevance of perilunate instability, SLAC and triscaphe arthritis. -Develop an elbow checklist with the ability to differentiate epicondylitis from instability patterns Time: 7:00 AM - 12:45 PM

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