SERGS 2024 Madrid, Spain: 16th Annual Meeting on Robotic Gynaecological Surgery 2024

June 6 - 8, 2024 - ES


Attend SERGS 2024 in Barcelona, Spain, to stay ahead on the latest developments in Gynaecological Robotic Surgery. SERGS 2024 conference will truly reflect an international stage for the latest developments in research and practice in the field of Robotic Gynaecological Surgery including state-of-the art lectures on new developments in robotics, integration of artificial intelligence, big data and the evolution of virtual and augmented reality in surgical training. Gain the latest practice and research in the field, including: State-of-the-art summaries in gynaecological robotic surgery, New insights and the future of robotic surgery, new technologies and more. Register now for the SERGS 16th Annual meeting on Robotic Gynaecological Surgery, from June 06-08, 2024, in Athens, Greece. Time: 11:00 AM - 2:30 PM

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