Pre-Filled Syringes and Injectable Drug Devices 2024

January 9 - 11, 2024 - GB

SAE Media Group

SAE Media Group's 16th Annual Pre-Filled Syringes and Injectable Drug Devices Conference will return to London in January 2024 to unite leaders from the industry and bring you the latest advances in the combination product drug delivery space. Year on year, the field of injectable drug delivery has witnessed remarkable progress, marked by advancements in device technology, including smart devices and those designed for large volume drug administration. There has been a shift towards enhancing the patient experience through innovative device design. Moreover, the industry is now moving towards a circular approach for environmental sustainability, incorporating it into device manufacturing and design, as well as device usage. The upcoming conference aims to tackle pressing industry challenges by exploring them through real-world case studies and valuable insights while also considering opportunities for the future. As part of SAE's leading Injectable Drug Delivery Series, the 3-day event will comprise of a pre-conference focus day exploring the advances in PFS design for enhanced drug delivery proceeded by a two-day main conference comprising of morning keynote plenaries and parallel afternoon topic streams as detailed below addressing the industry's hottest topics: - Device Innovations for Large Volume and Highly Viscous Drug Delivery - Sustainability by Design and Material Selection - Primary Packaging Development - Digital Integration for Connected Devices This event will not only bring you key insights needed to expand and enhance your injectable device portfolio but will also give you the opportunity to network with key players throughout the industry. We hope to welcome you to this must attend event in January 2024! Benefits of attending: - Engage with pharma, biotech and device developers on the latest trends within the pre-filled syringe and injectable device market - Hear about new technological advances in the delivery of large volume drugs and novel drug products - Understand the latest regulatory requirements from experts surrounding medical devices and digital health - Gain insight into how big pharma is incorporating sustainable approaches into drug device design - Delve into the growing potential of digital health to improve patient experience and treatment - Explore key considerations for material components for the development of primary packaging Time: 8:00 AM - 5:10 PM

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