Comprehensive Update in Nephrology - 2024

March 17 - 22, 2024 - MA US

Harvard Medical School

With more than 50 interactive lectures and case-based sessions, this program provides a comprehensive update of the most important changes now impacting Nephrology with guidance on how to incorporate these changes into your clinical practice to optimize patient care and improve outcomes. Many practicing nephrologists and physicians find it difficult to keep up with the rapid scientific and technological advances in renal care because medicine is changing at a faster pace than ever before. This live-streaming and fast-paced educational offering is taught by world-renowned experts and Harvard Medical School's leading clinical faculty. The most important updates and advances in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases will be taught, including practical information that you can use now to provide exceptional patient care. We will address pathophysiologic and clinical issues in the major areas of nephrology, including: Glomerular disease Acute renal failure Renal transplantation Xenotransplantion Immunosuppressive management Hypertension Pregnancy and renal disease COVID-19 Acid-base and fluid and electrolyte disorders Potassium balance Renal imaging Bone mineral disorders Lupus nephritis Diuretic resistance Dialysis Renal stones Polycystic kidney disease Genetic renal diseases Cardiorenal and hepatorenal syndrome Presenters will also discuss diagnostic testing, well-recognized medical complications, evidence-based treatment plans and provide specific management strategies and recommendations to optimize care. HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS PROGRAM INCLUDE Latest guidelines and management options for hypertension Expert discussions on the management of IgA Nephropathy, Membranous Nephropathy, Minimal Change Disease and FSGS Up-to-date guidance on genetic testing and its role in the CKD clinic Comprehensive overview of kidney transplantation including infections, malignancies, and well-recognized general complications Important updates on immunosuppressive therapies for kidney transplant recipients, including novel therapies Best practices for managing dialysis access and peritoneal dialysis, including complications State-of-the-art sessions on the physiology of electrolyte and acid base disorders This is an excellent opportunity to learn the latest "best practices" and enhance your clinical skills. Both new and returning attendees will benefit from the comprehensive curriculum. OPTIMIZED FOR REMOTE LEARNING Our outstanding faculty, recognized as experts in the field, will teach you how to incorporate the latest tests and tools into your practice. We will discuss challenging cases and treatments and provide specific recommendations for integrating the latest updates into your practice. All sessions will be recorded as they are live-streamed and made available for immediate viewing at your convenience, through June 21, 2024. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Practicing Nephrologists interested in refreshing their knowledge Physicians, PAs and NPs who care for patients in primary care settings Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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