Articles By Suzanne Elvidge

  1. Change Management: The Sanofi Model

    We live in a fast-paced and fast-changing world, and companies have to adapt to be able to keep up. For some people, change is exciting and stimulating; they enjoy the feeling of slight discomfort and uncertainty that goes with transformation. But for others, change is just disturbing and distracting. This is where change management comes in, and Dennis Urbaniak, VP U.S. Diabetes at Sanofi, has learned a lot about managing change and getting the best out of it during his 18 years at the company.

  2. Why You Should Consider Automated In Vivo Sampling Systems

    While in vitro studies are becoming more accurate and the resulting preclinical data more likely to predict the clinical activity of a drug, in vivo studies (studies in animals) are still vital for the assessment of pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism and essential for approval of drugs and devices by regulatory bodies. By Suzanne Elvidge, Life Science Leader magazine

  3. Economic Free Zones And Biopharma Development

    According to Benjamin Franklin in 1789, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Taxation is a burden for profitable companies, and the option of basing a company in a location where the government has reduced the taxes can be a tempting for any company, but especially for a high-risk high-reward business like the pharmaceutical industry.

  4. Amneal Pharmaceuticals: From Borrowing To Big-Time Success

    Bootstrapped. It’s commonly the nature of a start-up, and it not only fuels an entrepreneur’s work ethic but also leads to ulcers. By Suzanne Elvidge

  5. The Falsified Medicines Directive – What Does It Really Mean?

    The trade in falsified medicines — medicines that look real but really aren’t what they seem — is a huge and growing one, and it is putting patients’ health and even their lives at risk. Along with regulatory authorities around the world, the European Union is putting directives into place that could begin to slow this deadly trade.