Ask The Board

  1. What Simple Solutions Can Biopharma Executives Implement To Positively Impact Public Perception?

    A: IT WILL TAKE A SUSTAINED EFFORT, NOT “SILVER BULLETS,” to turn the public perception tide. Collectively, industry professionals – and leaders in particular — need to be passionate, yet thoughtful advocates for the science that motivates us every day.

  2. What Mechanisms Can Be Used To Encourage U.S. Companies To Bring Back Their Overseas “Stranded Capital”?


  3. Knowing What You Know Now, What Would You Do Differently In Founding A Biopharma Company?

    A: THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON I’VE LEARNED CAME FROM MY CURRENT COMPANY: Do not develop innovative products for devastating unmet medical needs whose care is dominated by public health officials and advocacy groups.

  4. Do You Think The FDA Draft Guidance On Metrics Takes The Industry In The Right Direction?

    A: THE INTENT OF THE COLLECTION OF INDUSTRY METRICS IS IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. To date, the information the FDA gathers is limited to compliance data, which provides only a snapshot of the compliance level of a site and some indication of quality based on a limited set of surrogate measures.

  5. There Are Rumors That The Contract Drug Substance (DS) And Drug Product (DP) Manufacturing Capabilities Past 2017 Are Fully Booked, Leaving The Pipelines Of BIO To Fend For Themselves. Any Validation To That?

    A: SOME OF MY SOURCES INDICATE THAT DS CAPACITY is largely consumed at the current time. 

  6. Do You Think The FDA Draft Guidance On Metrics Takes The Industry In The Right Direction?

    A THE CHALLENGE RESIDES IN FINDING THE RIGHT PREDICTIVE MEASURES that can best prevent problems for industry’s constituents.

  7. What Nonbiopharma Company Do You Anticipate As Being The Biggest Disruptor To Our Industry?

    IT IS A TOSS-UP BETWEEN SAMSUNG AND APPLE. Reason: digital health is upon us and promises to transform drug R&D and its economics.

  8. What Do You Think Will Be The End Result Of The Bullying Of Biopharma?

    THOSE OF US WHO SPEND OUR LIVES IMMERSED IN THE MINUTIA of drug development find ourselves embattled … on all sides.

  9. What Are Your Top Leadership Books To Read, And Why?

    A WHILE ANYONE CAN GET A GENERIC TOP-10 LEADERSHIP books list from Amazon or any business magazine, I am going to focus on the books that defined leadership to me.

  10. What Are Some Alternative Security Solutions To Just Using A Security Mark On Packaging?

    THIS QUESTION POSES AN INTERESTING DILEMMA to the investments currently directed toward regulations requiring application of unique serialized codes to pharmaceutical packaging. Newton’s Third Law reminds us that for every (label security) action there will be an equal and opposite reaction (by counterfeiters).