Life Science Leader Feature Articles

  1. The Secrets To CSL Limited’s Incredible Revenue Growth

    CSL Limited’s CEO Paul Perreault gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how the company increased revenue by 33% while also increasing R&D by 73% and capital investment by 83%.

  2. A Progress Report On The 2016 Companies To Watch

      There is no grand plan for a whole year of Companies to Watch (CtW). Each month, a single candidate makes the cut for a single column. Nevertheless, patterns emerge among the CtWs as the year progresses and come into focus as it ends.

  3. The Enterprisers: CohBar - Producing Mitochondria Medicine

    Why shouldn’t our mitochondria want us to live long, prospering in good health? Why shouldn’t they — as symbiotic microbes turned cellular organelles with their own mini-genomes — carry genes that help ensure our healthful survival?

  4. Why Pet Health Is The Focus Of A New Biotech Sector

    For Aratana Therapeutics, 2016 was a banner year. The biotech company, founded in 2010, achieved FDA approvals for three of its 10 pipeline drugs. Last year the Kansas City-based company also forged a global partnership with the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, a track record that any young biotech company would like to achieve.

  5. Janssen Immunology — Science & Market Drivers

    In this exclusive with Sue Dillon, Ph.D., head of Janssen Immunology, she talks candidly about topics such as how the company marries the precommercial and commercial functions.

  6. Inside Takeda Oncology’s Patient Advocacy Program

    So how does a lawyer become head of patient advocacy at one of the largest biopharma companies in the world? In Liz Lewis’s case, it started at the Washington, DC-based law firm, Epstein, Becker and Green where she represented healthcare and life sciences companies and served as cochair for the firm’s pharmaceutical practice group.

  7. Improving Clinical Trials Via Patient Insights

    In preparing for this trends issue of Life Science Leader, there were numerous clinical topics I could have discussed. Many new technologies are emerging that will change how trials are conducted and impact everyone involved in the process. All of them are deserving of attention.

  8. What 13 Life Science Trendsetters Expect For 2017 And Beyond

    The sharing of this knowledge is meant not merely to provide you wisdom, but hopefully inspire insight.

  9. Company Leaders Tackle The New Year’s Toughest Macro Challenges

    We posed some difficult questions to biopharma-company leaders on tough political, economic, and business challenges — those likely to become even tougher for the industry in 2017. The bravest among the invited answered our queries with thoughtful responses regarding thorny issues such as Brexit and the U.S. election, drug pricing and reimbursement, new life science business models, and the industry’s technological future.

  10. What 9 Of Biopharma’s Biggest Trendsetters Expect For 2016

    From global macro trends to a discussion of which trends from other industries will leak into life sciences, these top-level experts offer in-depth insights for the coming year.