Life Science Leader Feature Articles

  1. The Rocky Journey To Refocusing BioMarin

    Recognized today as one of the world’s most-innovative companies, BioMarin was a far cry from that 12 years ago when Jean-Jacques Bienaimé took over.

  2. Takeda Aims To Invent It Here & There

    Takeda’s chief medical and scientific officer talks about R&D, business development, and partnering.

  3. Journey To The Corporate Boardroom

    If you have never served on a corporate board, you might be curious as to what it all entails. Thanks to BioBreak and Drexel University, Life Science Leader undertook the development of a three-part series of articles titled “Journey To The Corporate Boardroom.”

  4. The Importance Of Harmonizing Tariff Classification For Clinical Trial Supplies

    Trade tariffs can significantly impact the cost of importing and exporting investigational products and ancillary supplies for clinical trials. As such, it is important that companies consider harmonized tariff classification to ensure no money is left on the table.

  5. Purdue’s SVP Of R&D Talks Opioid Abuse, New Pain Treatments

    Alan Dunton, M.D., joined Purdue Pharma as the SVP of R&D back in November 2015. An executive with over 33 years of discovery and development experience, he has been responsible for the approval of more than 20 prescription and OTC products. But now he faces a new challenge. Purdue Pharma is a company whose name has become synonymous with pain management.

  6. How Zoetis Built Its Own Corporate Culture

    In 2012, Pfizer announced a big decision — It was spinning off its $4 billion animal health business. Life Science Leader will explore the difficult task of such an undertaking in our June 2017 issue. And while the article, How Pfizer And Zoetis Launched One Of The Most Successful Spinoffs — Ever, discusses a lot of the important business decisions that were made, one thing not covered in great detail was the opportunity for Zoetis to build a corporate culture of its own.

  7. A Companion Diagnostics Primer From Roche Diagnostics’ CMO

    Since the FDA approval and commercial successes of Roche’s Herceptin (trastuzumab) and Novartis’ Gleevec (imatinib), the companion diagnostic industry has moved from being viewed skeptically — to essential. What started out as a handful of oncology drugs and corresponding diagnostics has expanded to include additional therapeutic areas. The growth in companion-diagnostic utilization is a trend likely to continue as we close in on realizing the full potential proffered by precision medicine.

  8. What’s The Backbone Of Vivek Ramaswamy’s Success?

    Read why Roivant Sciences founder and CEO Vivek Ramaswamy has been portrayed by some as being the next wizard of Wall Street for “conjuring drug companies from thin air.”

  9. Journey To The Corporate Boardroom

    In Philadelphia this past December, BioBreak and Drexel University brought together a number of thought leaders to discuss issues regarding corporate boards, prompting Life Science Leader to create a “Journey To The Boardroom” series of articles.

  10. Are You Ready To Serve On A Corporate Board?

    In December 2016, BioBreak and Militia Hill Ventures brought together about 100 biopharmaceutical industry executives in Philadelphia to discuss a rather important topic — corporate board service. You may recall my touching on this topic in the “Editor’s Note” in the January 2017 issue of Life Science Leader, which caught the attention of a number of readers.