LSL Web-Exclusive Content

  1. What Is the Current State Of BREXIT, And What Happens Next?

    The United Kingdom’s plan to leave the European Union, with PM Boris Johnson still at the helm, now hinges on the results of an early election taking place Dec. 12, 2019, and refinement a transition period effective through Dec. 31, 2020. Zaid Al-Nassir's breakdown for medtech leaders has been updated to include events taking place through Nov. 8, 2019.

  2. Early-Stage Biopharma Funding Advice From A Leading VC

    5AM Ventures Senior Associate Jason Ruth, Ph.D. dished some insider advice to biotech fund seekers in the Pittsburgh LifeX Labs community, and BioProcess Online was there to catch his talk. Here are the highlights.

  3. Pigeons In The Plant: 10 Real-Life Pharma Facility Blunders (And How To Avoid Them)

    There are many ways to tackle pharmaceutical facility design, engineering, building, and production, and each plant has its own methods and culture. However, there are situations we have come across where we really scratch our heads and say, “What did they just do, and what were they thinking?” This article describes a series of events or activities that we have seen and, while they are amusing or baffling, they reveal the flaws in our industry.

  4. How The Medical Innovation Act Could Stifle Medical Innovation

    The reincarnated bill targeting big pharma is exemplary of congressional inefficiency and over-legislation. Instead, congress should get better at negotiating and appropriating settlements in the existing system.

  5. Are You Setting The Right Expectations? How To Get Your Team There Faster!

    How much time and money are you spending training your team in ways that don’t produce substantial, lasting results that truly make a difference?

  6. Congressional Testimony: Stop Targeting U.S.-Based API Manufacturers

    A representative for U.S.-based CDMOs recently testified before Congress regarding the fact 80% of our API is manufactured overseas. If you ask me, they picked the right guy to hear from. Here’s some “supplemental testimony” you’ll want to hear from Edward Price, President & CEO, SEQENS N.A.

  7. Debunking The Top 3 Myths About Quality By Design (QbD)

    Pharmaceutical quality by design (QbD) and quality risk management (QRM) principles have become mainstays in pharmaceutical development. However, several myths are prevalent that prevent wider acceptance of the concepts by smaller firms. The lack of understanding of pertinent quality by design methods prevents smaller firms from benefiting from the majority of what QbD offers.

  8. Women In Our Workforce: A Biogen Millennial Manages CMOs

    Tara Caiano, Virtual Plant Manager, Biogen is a young-woman professional. We featured her a few weeks ago, just after she had relocated from Biogen’s Boston location to manage an external supply-chain partner in Switzerland. She also spoke to me about some of her personal experiences. 

  9. How To Get Your Team To Speed Up

    When was the last time you and your team took a strategic pause in the busyness of leading the business to look past the fires and reflect on the accelerants and impediments to success?

  10. Reversing The Villain Du Jour Image Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

    Acknowledging the current denigrated public image and the unfulfilled potential of the pharmaceutical industry is the beginning of possible changes for the better. Here, we focus on two of the most fundamental changes that need to occur to improve this situation.