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  1. Will Biosimilars Trigger The Next Wave Of Blockbuster Biologics?

    Gone are the days when we could count the number of immunology drugs on the market with our two hands. Today, the market is crowded with not only an abundance of originator biologics, but also an increasing supply of biosimilar products

  2. Biogen Leads Fight Against Supply-Chain Criminals

    Lee Spach, Director, Global Product & Supply Chain Security, Biogen says there are about 35,000 online pharmacies in the world. Ninety-eight percent are fake. They transact billions of dollars annually and seriously endanger patients. The criminals can expect a large return on their investment, with relatively little risk. Spach and Biogen are trying to change that. You can help.

  3. How Mylan Used Partnering Deals To Become A Key Player In Biosimilars

    Mylan’s roots are firmly based in the small-molecule generics business; however, the company has positioned itself as a strong competitor in the biosimilar field with the help of key strategic partnerships in recent years. This article explains how the company expanded its access to different biosimilars and given it more rapid access to key biosimilar markets.

  4. How To Spot Fake CRA Candidates — Before Scheduling An Interview

    An overview of current trends and a few pointers that will considerably improve your ability to identify candidate fraudulence early in the recruitment process.

  5. Should U.S. Drug Makers Enter Europe Via The Netherlands (Not The UK) Post-Brexit?

    By March 30, 2019, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will officially relocate its headquarters from London to Amsterdam — just one of many implications of the UK’s departure from the EU. As a result, U.S. pharmaceutical companies could begin turning to the Netherlands instead of the UK when launching new medicines in Europe post Brexit.

  6. FDA’s Gottlieb Addresses Effort to Advance New Innovations

    In a nearly 3,700 word missive by Scott Gottlieb, posted on August 29, 2018, the FDA commissioner attempts to bring some clarity to efforts by the agency to bring more innovation into the drug development process. Gottlieb notes innovative new technology platforms, such as digital health, targeted medicines, and regenerative medicine, including cell and gene therapies products, are helping the industry advance drug development.

  7. The Appeal Of A Good Underdog Story

    Like many people, I’ve always loved a good underdog story, and recently Life Science Leader has had some good ones. We also have a great CEO Corner coming up in our September issue that talks about what it’s like going from being a VC to founding and running a biopharma.

  8. What Can Biosimilar Developers Learn From The 1990s Biopharma Industry?

    This article highlights some of the early biologics industry decisions and thought processes and the subsequent actions and opportunities biosimilars create for the pharma industry.

  9. Three Challenges Facing The Life Sciences Sector

    The life sciences sector is a British success story. Government figures show that it generated more than £20 billion in turnover in 2015 and provided 90,000 jobs in 2016. It’s also a sector that is used to challenges. Let’s take a look at three of the top challenges facing this industry.

  10. Brexit: The Good, The Bad, And The Chaos

    With just over half a year to go until the divorce date, and roughly two months until European Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier’s self-imposed October deadline for a Brexit deal, it has started to feel like we are finally seeing some concrete progress when it comes to Brexit.