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019: An Executive Order & PhRMA’s Response Spur A Debate
Our guest, Outsourced Pharma Chief Editor Louis Garguilo, talks about the response from readers — and PhRMA — to his editorial, “Is PhRMA’s White House Rebuttal Acceptable?”  Continue Reading..
  • 018: The Unusual Backstory Of The MiMedx Cover Feature

    Ever wonder how a pharma executive gets to be on the cover of Life Science Leader? For Tim Wright, CEO of MiMedx, it was a chance encounter at a leadership conference a few years ago.

  • 017: Is Puerto Rico The Answer To U.S. Pharma Manufacturing?

    Louis Garguilo elaborates on his recent editorial regarding the immense opportunity that Puerto Rico offers —and has offered for years — pharma manufacturers looking to bring back operations to the states.

  • 016: Can A Biosimilars Shared Savings Model Work In The U.S.?

    Anna Rose Welch talks about a new whitepaper that explains why now is the best time for a U.S.  biosimilars shared savings model.

  • 015: Virtual Conferences: Are You Getting Value From Them?

    Virtual conferences are here to stay ... for awhile at least. Rob Wright gives some of his pros and cons regarding these events based on his first-hand experiences these past few months.

  • 014: More Cell & Gene Jobs For Philly

    Cell & Gene Chief Editor Erin Harris talks about a new study that predicts a dramatic rise in jobs for the cell and gene sector in Philadelphia and what’s driving that change. 

  • 013: Show Me The Data!

    Our biosimilars expert, Anna Rose Welch, talks about a new peer-reviewed paper that strongly suggests we “re-think biosimilar development following today’s regulatory science.

  • 012: What’s Next: AC Immune & Video Interviews

    Life Science Leader Chief Editor Rob Wright talks about why he chose AC Immune for an upcoming feature article and the evolution of the new video roundtables with top pharma execs. 

  • 011: “Attending” The DIA Conference...From Your Couch

    Ed Miseta of Clinical Leader talks about how the upcoming DIA conference is going to be different -- and the same -- and he gives details on the virtual CRO Leadership Awards.

  • 010: Editorial Prompts Reader Feedback … And More Questions

    One provocative article about reducing our reliance on foreign sources for drug development leads to some strange feedback, which leads to some additional intriguing articles.

  • 009: Pitching Investors In A Virtual World

    Our guest Rob Wright talks about his conversations with a biotech startup that allowed him to review their pitch deck in preparation for some potential investor meetings.

  • 008: Biosimilars, Videos, And A Cat Named Honeypenny

    Anna Rose Welch, Chief Editor of Biosimilar Development, discusses her foray into making videos for LinkedIn (along with her cat) and the state of the biosimilars industry, including some upcoming conferences.

  • 007: Our Work Life In A COVID-19 World

    Rob Wright, Chief Editor of Life Science Leader magazine, discusses the many changes that have occurred in his job and the jobs of some of our pharma subscribers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He also discusses one reader’s unique idea regarding some inspiring stories that have cropped up during this current crisis. 

  • 006: The Pharma Supply Chain Is Holding Up…So Far

    What has the coronavirus outbreak taught us about the pharmaceutical supply chain? A lot, and some of it’s not good, according to our guest today, Louis Garguilo, Chief Editor of Outsourced Pharma.

  • 005: The Coronavirus Plan Is Flawed

    Bioprocess Online Chief Editor Matt Pillar gives some background on his provocative new article, “Is Biopharma's Response To Coronavirus Off The Mark?” He also discusses his feature story, “The Perilous Development of a Potential Biologic Blockbuster,” and why it’s one of the most read articles on his site.

  • 004: Glimpse Into A Cell & Gene Outlook

    Cell & Gene Chief Editor Erin Harris is the guest on the podcast today. She discusses some of the top names on her editorial advisory board and gives a glimpse into the 2020 outlook articles that the board has been authoring. 

  • 003: Dealing With A S#*tstorm

    Life Science Leader Chief Editor Rob Wright gives a behind-the-scenes look at his upcoming feature articles on Blueprint Medicines and Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals as well as an intriguing question submitted to his editorial board.

  • 002: Focus On Patients

    On today’s episode of the Life Science Connect podcast, Clinical Leader Chief Editor Ed Miseta talks about a virtual conference on patient centricity called “Focus On Patients,” covering the successes and challenges of putting patients at the center of clinical trials.

  • 001: The JPM Conference

    In this episode, Life Science Leader magazine Chief Editor Rob Wright talks about what he learned while attending this year’s JPM Conference and some of the other peripheral life sciences events that go on in San Francisco during early January.


Life Science Connect Editorial Director, Dan Schell, works with a talented and passionate group of editors who cover a broad spectrum of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. For the Life Science Connect podcast, he sits down with them to have an informal discussion about some of the hot topics they’re writing about, interesting interviews they’ve had recently with top industry executives, and what they learned during their recent travels to trade shows and conferences. His rotating cast of contributors includes Life Science Connect editors Rob Wright, Ed Miseta, Louis Garguilo, Anna Rose Welch, Erin Harris, and Matt Pillar.