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Life Science Connect LSC Podcast
Special Edition #9: Pitching And Fundraising In The New Norm
Fundraising used to always be done in person. But then COVID hit. From those first virtual pitches that may have been just a little bit “wonky,” biopharma execs have actually become quite proficient at the process and the platforms. Three biopharma execs share some best practices of the virtual pitch.  Continue Reading..


Life Science Connect Editorial Director, Dan Schell, works with a talented and passionate group of editors who cover a broad spectrum of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. For the Life Science Connect podcast, he sits down with them to have an informal discussion about some of the hot topics they’re writing about, interesting interviews they’ve had recently with top industry executives, and what they learned during their recent travels to trade shows and conferences. His rotating cast of contributors includes Life Science Connect editors Rob Wright, Ed Miseta, Louis Garguilo, Anna Rose Welch, Erin Harris, and Matt Pillar.