Krish Krishnan-Suma Krishnan
Krystal Biotech’s Side Business: Gene-Based Aesthetics
Krystal Biotech's side business is an aesthetics company, Jeune Aesthetics, that uses the same platform and viral vector as Krystal to deliver collagen genes to consumers seeking aesthetic improvement.  Continue Reading..
  • The Power Couple Behind Krystal Biotech

    Krish and Krishnan, the husband-and-wife team that founded and leads Krystal Biotech, cleared a path to market for the first ever topical and redosable gene therapy.

  • Building A Business Model For Novel Antibiotics

    In the challenging development space for novel antibiotics, Spero Therapeutics is using partnership, external validation, and formulation science to develop drugs treating bacterial infections both rare and common.

  • A Family Affair

    For Krish and Suma Krishnan, the husband-and-wife leadership team at Krystal Biotech, bringing work home, and bringing home to work, is inevitable. A larger shared goal smooths the edges. 

  • Too Much Talk About Technology

    To adopt and use new technology effectively, leaders should focus on people and their problems, not the technology itself, according to former Google executive turned biotech CEO.

  • Using AI To Find And Develop Safer Medicines

    Montai Health CEO Margo Georgiadis is using what she’s learned at McKinsey, Discover, Google, Mattel, and Ancestry to reinvent drug discovery and development, with a focus on long-term safety.

  • Life Biosciences Grows Up: A Q&A With Jerry McLaughlin

    Through the boom and bust of anti-aging buzz cycles, Life Biosciences has continued its focus on epigenetic reprogramming with an increasingly focused pipeline and development strategy.

  • Taking A Fresh Approach To Finance At BMS

    A rising star in BMS’s finance department, Tatiana Simonelli, SVP, finance commercialization at BMS discusses her path to senior leadership, and how talent diversity can boost business results.

  • The L Word

    As buzzy development areas buckle down to face the realities of strict regulations, financial demands, and specific unmet needs, the language leaders use to describe their efforts can help, or hurt.

  • Biotech Veteran Pushes New Science And Regulatory Change

    Ashvattha Therapeutics CEO Jeff Cleland hopes to bring hydroxyl dendrimer therapeutics to market for the first time, while also pushing for policy and regulatory change as an advocate for BIO.

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