Cindy Dubin

Cindy Dubin

Cindy Dubin has been reporting on the pharmaceutical industry since 2003, with a particular focus on executive decision making regarding formulation, delivery, development, and commercialization. She is the former Editor-in-Chief of both Pharmaceutical Formulation & Quality and Specialty Pharma magazines. She is now a freelance writer.

  • The Drug-Delivery Company That Partnerships Built

    “Normally a company raises money, does their science, and hopes to get a deal. We were the inverse of that,” explains Joseph Payne, president and CEO of Arcturus Therapeutics.

  • A Name Change — And More — For A Biotech

    When Maria Fardis, Ph.D., MBA, joined Lion Biotechnologies as CEO, she knew “The word ‘Lion’ didn’t really define us as a company or the advancements we had made with our TIL technology.” So, nine months into her tenure, Fardis and her team began the process of changing the company name to Iovance.

  • Identify New Revenue Streams Via Strategic Consulting Partners

    The life sciences industry is evolving and depending more on external partners, such as strategic consultants, who know what has worked well in other industries. According to the study IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Life Science R&D Strategic Consulting Services 2016 Vendor Assessment, strategic consulting includes high-level management consulting and advisory services, operation and process development and implementation services, and technology adoption and implementation. This is the final installment of the market intelligence group’s three-part series on the topic.

  • Onboarding: Key To J&J’s Long-Term Investment Vision

    With life sciences companies looking to grow their pipelines, they are reaching beyond their own R&D programs to seek technologies and products from external startups in need of funding. Big Pharmas such as J&J are relying on their VC funds to secure innovation.

  • Biopharm Uses Cloud Computing To Reduce Time And Money

    Cloud computing is identified as an IT trend to shape the life sciences industry in 2012, with promises of reducing time and money. By Cindy Dubin, contributing editor

  • Preformulation Reduces The Risk Of Drug Failure

    By having formulators interact with discovery organizations at an earlier stage, the benefits of formulation and drug delivery technologies are being realized earlier. By Cindy Dubin, contributing editor

  • Pharma R&D Productivity Drops 70%

    You have to spend money to make money. But, for the pharma industry, the return has been less than robust these last six years. According to a new study from consulting firm Oliver Wyman, the value generated by $1 invested in pharma R&D has fallen by more than 70%.

  • When A Small Bio Company Receives Big Funding

    Virdante Pharmaceuticals of Cambridge, MA has officially made its industry debut with $47.75 million in its pocket. This privately held biopharmaceutical company is focused on the development and commercialization of drugs for autoimmune and inflammatory disorders. At the heart of these drugs is what Virdante founder, Jeffrey Ravetch, M.D., Ph.D., calls the “sialic switch.”