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Becoming A Clinical-Stage Biotech
A Q&A with Laura Indolfi, CEO and cofounder of PanTher Therapeutics, which recently closed its Series A funding round and is preparing for its first clinical trials.  Continue Reading..
  • A Q&A With A Biotech Founder/Entrepreneur

    Since cofounding Kymera Therapeutics, Nello Mainolfi, Ph.D., has served as CSO, CTO, and now is president and CEO. He helped Kymera bring the first ever targeted protein degrader to the clinic, go public in 2020, and land significant partnerships with the likes of GSK, Vertex, and Sanofi. 

  • Life Sciences CEOs Assess Upcoming Business Risk

    We take a closer look at the data related to organizational growth risks included in a recent KPMG  “Global CEO Outlook” survey.

  • A Q&A With A COVID-Era New CEO

    David Horn Solomon, Ph.D., took on the role of CEO of Pharnext in April 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic and just after the company had seen it’s Phase 3 trial data rejected by the FDA.

  • CEO Q&A: Dr. Aoife Brennan

    Dr. Aoife Brennan, president and CEO of Synlogic, discusses how the pandemic has affected her company’s operations and clinical trials.

  • A Q&A With Bernie Zeiher Of Astellas

    Bernie Zeiher Of Astellas took on the dual role of CMO & President of Development in April 2018. Here he discusses how he adjusted to that job and some of the best practices he’s learned along the way.

  • CEO Q&A: Mary Szela

    Mary Szela spent 25 years in Big Pharma and the last 7 at three small biotechs. The CEO Of TriSalus Life Sciences discusses how she adapted during these career changes and some of the difficulties she encountered along the way.

  • Program Strives For More Females On Pharma Boards

    In this first of a series of articles dedicated to the Women in Bio Boardroom Ready program, we discuss what the program entails and feedback from some previous participants.

  • How To Avoid Data-Integrity Woes In Pharma

    This article discusses what should be addressed to mitigate enterprise risks as they pertain to data integrity. It also lists what data-integrity compliance issues you should assess when choosing a CDMO.

  • Program Winners Look Back On Year Of Change

    Laura Indolfi and Elizabeth O’Day discuss how being chosen for the Massachusetts Next Generation Initiative (MassNextGen) changed their respective biopharma companies.

  • A Second Career As A Biotech CEO

    “This was a real turnaround type of challenge, and I knew it was going to be a steep learning curve for me,” says Steven Yatomi-Clarke of Prescient Therapeutics. “In fact, at the time, I probably underestimated the amount of work it was going to take to get the company up to scratch.”

  • Support For Women-Led Early-Stage Life Sciences Companies

    A preview of an October 2109 issue article that discusses the results of the 2018 MassNextGen initiative that provides funding and coaching support to early-stage life sciences companies started by females.

  • Making Sense Of New Accounting And Financial Reporting Changes

    A summary of some key sections of version 10 of Deloitte’s Life Sciences Accounting And Financial Reporting Update—Including Interpretive Guidance.

  • The Impact Of A Biotech CEO On Company Growth

    An inside look at how CEO Yuval Cohen communicates and interacts with employees at Corbus Pharmaceuticals, and how all of that affects the company’s culture.

  • The Rollercoaster Ride Of A Biotech CEO

    Sam Cobb, managing director and CEO of Australian biotech AdAlta, talks about how the company has struggled to procure funding over the years and the strategies they employed to finally get listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

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