• Are Oral Dose Manufacturing Projects Becoming More Complicated?

    Has the complexity of oral dose manufacturing projects changed in recent years? Are CDMOs evaluated on the same metrics for simple and complex oral dose manufacturing projects? Data from ISR’s new report provides insight on these questions and more.

  • Why CDMO Brand Positioning Data Is Of Value To Sponsors

    Understanding the competitive outsourced manufacturing landscape is essential for CDMOs, and can add valuable insight on lesser-known companies for outsourcers.

  • Insights On How Outsourcing Decisions Are Made

    How does your company’s approach to making outsourcing decisions compare with others in the industry? Data from ISR’s CDMO outsourcing models report highlights common practices that, when adopted, may improve outsourcing outcomes from drug innovators’ perspectives.

  • CMOs Continue To Exceed Sponsor Expectations

    ISR explains how the CMO Leadership Awards and the corresponding market research data can be used to make more informed CMO selection decisions and by contract manufacturers to optimize operational and marketing strategies.

  • COVID-19’s Impact On Outsourced Manufacturing

    To understand how the pandemic impacted outsourced manufacturing, ISR included a few questions on the topic in its annual contract manufacturing benchmarking surveys.

  • What Makes Outsourcers Very Satisfied?

    Would you give your CDMO a 10/10 for overall satisfaction? Data from ISR’s Biologic API and Biologic Drug Product CMO Quality Benchmarking reports show only 3 percent of service interactions result in top scores. Learn what made some biologic outsourcers very satisfied with their CDMO experience and what these sponsor-CDMO relationships have in common. 

  • Trends In Bioprocessing CDMO Selection

    Which CDMO characteristics do experienced outsourcers value the most when choosing a CDMO for biologic API production? Data from the past three iterations of ISR’s Bioprocessing Market Trends and Outsourcing Dynamics show the top selection metrics remain cosnsistent despite some shifts in ranks over the years. Learn which attributes to focus on as a sponsor or CDMO.

  • Insights Into The Competitive Clinical Manufacturing Market

    There are perhaps too many options when it comes to choosing the right service provider for clinical manufacturing. Drug innovators weigh in on their selection metrics and preferences as well as reveal why vendors lose bids.

  • Outsourcing Success Requires Constant Evolution

    Industry Standard Research explains how Life Science Leader’s CMO Leadership Awards and the corresponding market research data can be used by biopharma companies to make more informed CMO selection decisions and by contract manufacturers to optimize operational and marketing strategies.

  • Sponsor Challenges When Outsourcing Sterile Injectables

    ISR asked outsourcers of sterile injectable drug product to identify their biggest challenge when outsourcing to CDMOs/CMOs. We were surprised to see a nearly four-way tie in the results. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at one of these challenges.

  • Can Integrated Service Providers Help Simplify Complex Clinical Trial Logistics?

    Various factors are causing the distribution of clinical trial materials to become more complex, and sponsors looking to engage a third-party logistics provider have multiple options, each with benefits and drawbacks.

  • Areas Of Growth For Oral-Dose Outsourcing

    How will the outsourced oral-dose manufacturing market look in five years? Data from ISR’s Oral Dosage Forms Market Overview and Outlook (3rd Edition) report will educate readers about areas of predicted growth in outsourced manufacturing and how they line up with drug innovators’ life cycle extension strategies.

  • Improving Outsourcing Relationships

    ISR research indicates that proactive communication between sponsors and CMOs in these three areas will help to improve outsourcing relationships. Data comes from ISR’s Development and Commercial Outsourcing Models market research report.

  • Outsourcing Motivations Should Guide One’s Outsourcing Approach

    Outsourcing motivations are important considerations to identifying the best outsourcing approach and should influence the type of relationships your organization develops with CMOs. Data comes from ISR’s CMO Quality Benchmarking suite of market research reports and ISR’s Development and Commercial Outsourcing Models market research report.

  • Are Preferred Provider Agreements the Best Model For Outsourced Manufacturing?

    ISR has observed use of Preferred Provider agreements and the proportion of outsourcing allocated to Preferred Providers increase over the past three years. Is it because PPAs are the best model for outsourced manufacturing?

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