• Can Integrated Service Providers Help Simplify Complex Clinical Trial Logistics?

    Various factors are causing the distribution of clinical trial materials to become more complex, and sponsors looking to engage a third-party logistics provider have multiple options, each with benefits and drawbacks.

  • Areas Of Growth For Oral-Dose Outsourcing

    How will the outsourced oral-dose manufacturing market look in five years? Data from ISR’s Oral Dosage Forms Market Overview and Outlook (3rd Edition) report will educate readers about areas of predicted growth in outsourced manufacturing and how they line up with drug innovators’ life cycle extension strategies.

  • Improving Outsourcing Relationships

    ISR research indicates that proactive communication between sponsors and CMOs in these three areas will help to improve outsourcing relationships. Data comes from ISR’s Development and Commercial Outsourcing Models market research report.

  • Outsourcing Motivations Should Guide One’s Outsourcing Approach

    Outsourcing motivations are important considerations to identifying the best outsourcing approach and should influence the type of relationships your organization develops with CMOs. Data comes from ISR’s CMO Quality Benchmarking suite of market research reports and ISR’s Development and Commercial Outsourcing Models market research report.

  • Are Preferred Provider Agreements the Best Model For Outsourced Manufacturing?

    ISR has observed use of Preferred Provider agreements and the proportion of outsourcing allocated to Preferred Providers increase over the past three years. Is it because PPAs are the best model for outsourced manufacturing?

  • A Combination Of Reliability, Quality, Capabilities, And Expertise Add Up To Outsourcing Success

    Industry Standard Research explains how Life Science Leader’s CMO Leadership Awards and the corresponding market research data, can be used by biopharma companies to make more informed CMO selection decisions and by contract manufacturers to optimize operational and marketing strategies.

  • How Will mHealth Benefit Clinical Trials?

    In the past 50 years, since the onset of the digital age, the world has been transformed by technology. In the last decade, we’ve seen technology further disrupt the way we shop, communicate, and get from point A to point B.

  • Decision-making Responsibilities When Outsourcing Late-Phase Studies

    A look at which departments at sponsor organizations are involved in the decision-making process and how much decision-making responsibility each department has for outsourcing various late-phase study activities.

  • A Hypothetical Question About Outsourcing Services Leads To … More Questions?

    To improve our understanding of the supplier traits on which buyers of outsourced services focus, ISR asked (in our Bioprocessing Market Dynamics survey) a hypothetical question.

  • What Makes It So Hard To Select A CMO?

    An unexpected finding from ISR’s research with regards to contract manufacturing from the perspective of a market researcher. The data come from Industry Standard Research’s CDMO Outsourcing Models survey.

  • Brand Strength And The Contract Manufacturing Competitive Landscape

    Results of a survey asking interviewees about their preferred category of CMO for a certain type of outsourced manufacturing work — full-service CDMOs with end-to-end capabilities or specialty contract manufacturers with expertise in particular areas of need.

  • Outsourcing Relationships Benefit From Aligning CMO Expertise With Sponsor Needs

    This year’s CMO Leadership Awards result from feedback obtained through four different contract manufacturing surveys — biologic API, biologic drug product, small molecule API, and small molecule drug product — conducted by Industry Standard Research.

  • Pharma Industry Lacks Consensus On Key Attribute Of A Sponsor-CMO Relationship

    Over the past several decades, the practice of outsourcing has evolved from transactional, client-vendor relationships where cost savings were the primary focus, to preferred provider relationships with pre-vetted companies to start up projects quickly and then to relationships more strategic in nature to gain access to technologies, skills, or expertise not possessed in-house.

  • Building Strategic Partnerships With CMOs

    There has been an important evolution in the CMO awards this year, which better aligns with some of the Nice Insight research findings that regularly make their way into this column. When it comes to finding the “right” CMO, the qualities that comprise what makes the CMO the “right” one are different among the various buyers of outsourced services.

  • The CDMO Model And Outsourcing Development

    In 2014, the biopharmaceutical industry witnessed more and more contract suppliers take on the CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organization) acronym to identify their ability to assist at the development stage of drug manufacturing. These businesses can provide comprehensive services, from drug development through to manufacturing commercial supply, and are interested in differentiating their abilities from CMOs focused solely on large-scale manufacturing projects.

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