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Liz Bywater, Ph.D.

Dr. Liz Bywater works at the intersection of business and psychology, she brings together practical experience (advising top executives across the Fortune 500), advanced education (she’s earned a PhD in Psychology) and a dynamic personal style to inspire, engage and advise her clients. For over a decade, top global organizations have requested Liz’s help in resolving issues such as creating extraordinary client relationships, increasing market persuasion, increasing innovation and driving productive collaborations in an increasingly complex world. Liz works with senior leaders at some of the world’s most successful companies: Johnson & Johnson, Nike, Bristol-Myers Squibb, AmerisourceBergen, Thomson Reuters, and more. Drawing upon her expertise in human behavior, Liz advises her clients slow down and put an end to daily fire fighting, freeing up time and energy to lead strategically, drive rapid growth, propel innovation, increase influence, lead their teams through change, and build the organization of the future.