• The Placental Stem Cell Advantage

    As Celularity makes its most significant clinical progress to date, the company is putting theories born of 20 years of postpartum placental stem cell research into practice. Could the production platform it’s building be the key to accessible, affordable allogeneic cell therapy?

  • Inside San Jose’s Uncommon Biotech Accelerator

    San Jose BioCube takes a unique approach to the incubator/accelerator model, capitalizing on big demand for the space that emerging-to-midsize biotechs need to grow their businesses. As a result, the accelerator is growing, too. Learn more about what to look for in accelerator space, whether or not you're in the Bay area.

  • Thrust Into A New Fundraising Norm

    Gone — for a while, anyway — are the days of pressing the flesh and pounding the pavement with your pitch deck. Here’s how one successful startup biotech is maintaining its conduit to cash.

  • View From The Inside: What’s Shaping Biopharma In 2021 And Beyond?

    How the pandemic will continue to disrupt and why smart money is on AI for improving drug discovery and development.

  • Biosensors & Big Data: Implications For Biologics Developers

    Dr. Caroline Loew’s company, Glympse Bio, develops injectable, tunable biosensors that she says will help biologics developers test and measure disease progression in vivo, enabling valuable, early visibility into therapeutic efficacy. 

  • Dr. Gaurav Shah’s 4 Keys To Biotech Leadership

    Biotech exec Dr. Gaurav Shah, president & CEO at Rocket Pharmaceuticals, shares four principles of biotech leadership that he learned from the stage as a GRAMMY-nominated recording artist.

  • IP & Patent Protection At The Perilous Pace Of Biopharma

    Fast-tracks and breakthrough statuses are piling up at an unprecedented clip, and the President is promising the spoils of war to the first vaccine manufacturer to smash speed-to-market records (preferably prior to November 3). It's incumbent on biopharma execs—every one of them in the C-suite—to ensure protection of their intellectual property and patents.

  • COVID-19 And The Next Chapter In Ansun’s Turnaround Story

    How Dr. Nancy Chang turned an embattled company in financial freefall and on the heels of clinical failure into a leading clinical-stage biopharma—and how the disruption of a global pandemic made Ansun Biopharma a formidable contender in the treatment of COVID-19.

  • The Compounded Risk Of Early-Stage Biopharma Licensing Deals

    For emerging biopharma firms, licensing options can equal a boon to the business when cash runways are short and financing options run thin. But, there’s a catch. Most licensed candidates fail. And, according to a new paper, rushed licensing deals on the heels of phase 3 clinical failures only compound the disappointment.

  • New FDA Guidance For Clinical Trials Disrupted By COVID-19

    During this unprecedented time full of unanticipated challenges for biopharmas, FDA has issued new guidance that offers advice on adjusting clinical trial protocols in the midst of the fast-spreading and ill-understood virus SARSCoV-2 and its resulting COVID-19.

  • Is Biopharma’s Response To Coronavirus Off The Mark?

    As biopharmas aplenty race to develop a vaccine, CureLab’s Alex Shneider says an incorrect approach risks turning the currently insignificant coronavirus threat into a deadly pandemic. He suggests that we instead focus on the development of adjuvants and immunostimulants to protect the elderly.

  • Nurturing A Nascent Colorado Biotech Hub

    The Colorado BioScience Association is pioneering a training and education continuum that cultivates talent from middle school to the biotech C-suite.

  • The Perilous Development Of A Potential Biologic Blockbuster

    CytoDyn's leronlimab is under FDA review for Breakthrough Therapy status. Its path from forgotten molecule to near market readiness was riddled with financial and process challenges.

  • Early-Stage Biopharma Funding Advice From A Leading VC

    5AM Ventures Senior Associate Jason Ruth, Ph.D. dished some insider advice to biotech fund seekers in the Pittsburgh LifeX Labs community, and BioProcess Online was there to catch his talk. Here are the highlights.

  • How The Medical Innovation Act Could Stifle Medical Innovation

    The reincarnated bill targeting big pharma is exemplary of congressional inefficiency and over-legislation. Instead, congress should get better at negotiating and appropriating settlements in the existing system.


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