Newsletter | November 20, 2023

11.20.23 -- 4 Ways To Get Ahead Of The Talent Shortage


Improving Resilience Of Post-Pandemic Biopharma Supply Chains

Improving supply chain resilience is critical for biopharma. One lesson learned from the pandemic is the need for new models and approaches to managing supply chains. Download our white paper to learn more about how a value chain model mitigates risk, the four critical ingredients to supply chain resilience, and why preparations based on “the last war” aren’t enough.


Data-Driven Biopharma Leadership

Knowing when it’s time to raise funds, fortify a CMC initiative, hire a chief regulatory or commercial officer, or make virtually any other big money move in biopharma isn’t art, it’s science. Business progress, as in scientific progress, is a data-driven exercise.

4 Ways To Gain A Competitive Edge In This Bio/Pharma Talent Shortage

Pharmaceutical companies should prioritize gaining control over the talent management process in order to build a robust candidate pipeline. Here are four effective strategies for recruiting, training, educating, and retaining workers.

Navigating The Complexities Of Research In Private Practice

The clinical trial ecosystem is complex, but making smart choices and enlisting effective help allows private practices to contribute to life-changing research.


Nanoscale Technology's Potential: A Fireside Chat With Industry Leaders

Nanoform CEO Edward Haeggstrom and Shawn Davies, head of drug delivery, biopharmaceuticals development, AstraZeneca, discuss the potential of nanoscale medicines and delivery devices.

Variables Impacting Cell And Gene Therapy Development Success

Explore four key interconnected variables exerting pressure on therapeutics developers to improve their processes earlier in the product’s development.

NC's Life Sciences Initiative And Building Support Future STEM Workforce

Learn about North Carolina State University's $180 million Integrative Sciences Building (ISB), which represents a groundbreaking initiative promoting STEM workforce development.


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