Newsletter | June 5, 2023

06.05.23 -- 8 How To Lead Clinical Research Hybrid Teams

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Leading Aulos Bioscience’s “Triumvirate” Model

Aulos Bioscience hopes to leverage its unique business model, engineered by a VC firm and an Israeli biotech, to develop better treatments for solid tumors.

Where Science Leads, Business Follows

Learn how science, rather than market and investor expectations, directed Francois Rieger’s oversight of the Medsenic/Bone Therapeutics merger.

8 Strategies For Leading High-Performing Hybrid Teams In Clinical Research

Here are some key strategies for hybrid team leadership we can consider in the clinical trial ecosystem.

Web-Exclusive Content
Leveraging AI In Drug Discovery To Treat MS & Other Autoimmune Diseases

The advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms means we can use large pools of genetic data to identify potential risk factors and disease-causing genes for multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases. This author shares a three-pronged approach to analyzing data for AI algorithms, pitfalls to avoid, and AI for silico modeling.

Industry Insights
Nanoparticle Solutions For Drug Delivery Innovation

Delve into the human trial results for the world’s first nanoformed drug, along with ongoing industry collaborations investigating how nanoparticle engineering can facilitate drug delivery innovation to benefit patients.

Unprecedented Growth — And Challenges — In Gene Therapy

The gene therapy clinical pipeline is in a high-growth phase, with an influx of venture capital funding. There are also challenges: scalability, dosing, and the price of the final treatment.

Get To The GMP Clinical Stage Quickly Utilizing Scale-Down Models

Explore how scale-down models can shorten timelines, accelerate process development, and advance your novel therapy to the GMP clinical stage with speed and reduced costs.

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