Newsletter | February 7, 2024

02.07.24 -- Are Two Brands Better Than One?


Inhalable mRNA With Ethris' Carsten Rudolph, Ph.D.

On the Business of Biotech, we welcome Carsten Rudolph, Ph.D., cofounder and CEO of Ethris, a company developing mRNA-based candidates for the treatment of respiratory viral infections and rare pulmonary diseases, in addition to mucosal, multivalent, and mutation-agnostic prophylactic vaccines. Rudolph explains the concept, the business case, and how he's navigating Ethris toward a better treatment and vaccine paradigm in the wake of the pandemic.


The Ozempic Dilemma: What Makes A Dual Brand Approach Viable?

When should a brand become two brands? Charles River Associates provide analyses and case studies of dual brands to elucidate the pros and cons.

A New Year’s Resolution Suggestion For The FDA

An industry observer with almost 50 years of experience shares some New Year's resolution wishes for the FDA and for industry, geared toward creating a foundation for sustainable quality in operations.


Software Opportunities And Challenges In The Life Sciences Industry

Robust, low-maintenance integrations between ERP and specialty software can ensure a free flow of data to enable all-round visibility of activities and events in a life sciences company.

The Future Of Viral Vector Manufacturing: Yield Optimization

Ensuring optimal yield for engineered viral vectors early in a process is crucial to ensuring their eventual commercial viability and broader patient accessibility.

Proactive Strategies To Evaluate And Mitigate Clinical Supply Risk

Learn how a study’s protocol requirements, drug characteristics, packaging specifications, and patient compliance concerns must be identified and addressed to help achieve successful outcomes.

Advantages Of No-Code Software Solutions For The Life Sciences

No-code solutions enable faster, less costly system implementation and validation, helping to reduce costs and timelines during the drug and medical device development and approval process.

How mRNA Manufacturers Disrupt The Industry

See how biopharmaceutical companies can apply proven strategies to overcome hidden complexities in mRNA production and discover solutions that can help you rapidly design and build a SU facility.


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