Magazine Article | January 1, 2010

Editor's Note

Source: Life Science Leader
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By Dan Schell, Editorial Director, Life Science Leader

In November 2009 I received an email from a reader asking why we hadn’t featured any minorities or women on our covers (we had published eight issues at this point). Ironically, at the time we were working on the two female-focused articles in this issue (pages 8 and 14) as well as a feature article on a small biopharma company run by an African-American CEO (the company has since put this article on hold, citing its CEO is too busy right now).

I mention this matter not to either highlight our shortcomings or to applaud our current issue’s diversity. Instead, I wanted to use it as an example of the continued reader feedback we are receiving regarding this magazine. Between direct emails to me and responses to LinkedIn discussion groups, I am still amazed at how willing our readers are to comment on our articles and hot industry topics. Actually, I am more thankful, considering these communications often lead us to new editorial topics (e.g. see the article “Is Ignorance Of Regulations Delaying Your New Product Launch?” on page 32) or help us shape the magazine to better serve our readers.

As we enter 2010, Life Science Leader prepares for its first anniversary, and I’m hoping you can help us make this year’s remaining 11 issues the best we’ve published so far. Know an interesting pharma or biopharma company that other industry executives could learn something from? Let me know. See a business trend you think will soon impact the industry in a big way? Shoot me an email. Think we should be covering a topic we’re not or tired of reading about a particular topic? Give me a call.

In this magazine, your voice matters. Let it be heard.