Magazine Article | January 9, 2018

Industry Explorers Blaze On: Pat Andrews

Source: Life Science Leader

By Wayne Koberstein, Executive Editor, Life Science Leader magazine
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The stories of longtime leaders, still active in the industry, sharing their historical perspectives on life sciences industry innovation.

Trying and failing has its place in science and many other human endeavors, because the failures hold valuable information. But in at least one occupation, executive management, it is necessary to match striving with accomplishment. Fortunately, and by hard work, Pat Andrews has carried on her family’s tradition as strivers and achievers.

Andrews is now the CEO of Boston Biomedical, a relatively small biopharma company. Her 26-year career in the biopharma industry includes a long period of rising to the top echelons of Pfizer, through a succession of marketing, business development, and management positions, and eventually leading Pfizer’s oncology unit. She then leapt into the small-company, entrepreneurial side of biopharma as the chief commercial officer at Incyte, and in April 2017, to her current job.