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Companies-To-Watch 2018 Annual Roundup
Companies-To-Watch 2018 Annual Roundup At the end of every year since we began the monthly column, Companies to Watch, I have gone back to the featured companies and asked each one to send me a short assessment of its progress since it appeared in Life Science Leader.  Continue Reading...
  • Companies To Watch: Azitra
    Companies To Watch: Azitra

    Azitra is a small, young, early-stage company developing microbial biotherapeutics for conditions arising on the skin that can be addressed by using the microbiome.

  • Industry Explorers Blaze On: Howard Fillit
    Industry Explorers Blaze On: Howard Fillit

    An in-depth look at  the career and accomplishments of Howard Fillit, M.D., who has long led the exploration of Alzheimer’s disease outside and inside of the biopharma industry.

  • Companies To Watch: Synspira
    Companies To Watch: Synspira

    Synspira is developing glycopolymer drugs for infection, inflammation, and congestion in the lungs. According CEO Shenda Baker, “We would like to see more companies in this space. But we are also looking forward to leading the way.”

  • Three “Others” Of The New Oncology
    Three “Others” Of The New Oncology

    An in-depth look at three developers that exemplify the range of new approaches and alternatives in the IO combo space: Oncosec Medical, Heat Biologics, and Rexahn.

  • Is Biopharma Still Committed To Its Role In Public Health?
    Is Biopharma Still Committed To Its Role In Public Health?

    Biopharma executives in companies of all sizes share their views on whether the now dominant life sciences industry business model, with its focus on rare diseases affecting small patient populations, allows companies to meet their historical public-health obligation.

  • Companies To Watch: Athersys
    Companies To Watch: Athersys

    Athersys is mass-producing off-the-shelf stem cells for multiple conditions in the cardiovascular, neurological, inflammatory, and immune disease areas.

  • Lysogene: Mother of Invention
    Lysogene: Mother of Invention

    Karen Aiach had no background in healthcare when her young daughter received a diagnosis of a rare form of Sanfilippo syndrome. Aiach built her company, Lysogene, to create the world’s first treatment for the terrible disease.

  • ARM Extends Its Reach
    ARM Extends Its Reach

    The ARM Foundation for Cell and Gene was launched in June, and it marks a new stage in development of the RM space as it moves from an early era or “promise” to one of fulfillment. Today, nearly 900 companies worldwide are developing RM therapies.

  • Apellis Advances On Autoimmunity
    Apellis Advances On Autoimmunity

    The unusual story of how Apellis was formed and what led it to target C3, the central factor in the innate-immunity complement system, to treat autoimmune diseases — starting with the ultra-rare blood condition, PNH.

  • Bayer Corrals U.S. Bio Clusters On Both Coasts
    Bayer Corrals U.S. Bio Clusters On Both Coasts

    The heads of the East and West Coast Innovation Centers for Bayer Healthcare discuss their parallel missions, therapeutic areas of focus, and dealmaking models.

  • Companies To Watch: Symbiotix Biotherapies
    Companies To Watch: Symbiotix Biotherapies

    Symbiotix Biotherapies is an early pioneer of the microbiome space, preparing to enter clinical-stage development of its lead compound for treating MS and IBD.

  • Companies To Watch: United Neuroscience
    Companies To Watch: United Neuroscience

    “We are a vaccine company,” says CEO Mei Mei Hu. “We’re developing a new class of vaccines for endogenous proteins, leveraging a commercially successful technology platform in which we’ve invested more than 20 years.”

  • Our Annual Cancer Immuno-oncology Update 2018
    Our Annual Cancer Immuno-oncology Update 2018

    This year’s IO update is more compact because the essential story has contracted. The odds of success have shifted dramatically and disparately among the various players — all due to Merck’s Keytruda.

  • Companies To Watch: Acceleron
    Companies To Watch: Acceleron

    Acceleron has four drugs in development in the hematology, neuromuscular, and pulmonary disease areas. Its lead drug luspatercept has completed Phase 3 trials for treating myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS).

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