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Going Public In Mid-Pandemic
Just as the COVID pandemic hit, Timber Pharma was planning on going public. But that wasn’t the only challenge the company faced in the months ahead.  Continue Reading..
  • Companies To Watch: Artax Biopharma

    Artax Biopharma is challenging the immunosuppressive paradigm with a novel drug for autoimmune diseases.

  • Politics and the Pandemic — Where Are They Taking Biopharma? Industry CEOs Speak Out

    Seventeen top executives of companies representing the entrepreneurial edge of biopharma innovation provide feedback on how the COVID-19 pandemic and the politics surrounding it could affect their companies’ futures and the industry.

  • Companies To Watch: Ridgeback Biotherapeutics

    Ridgeback Biotherapeutics is pitting new and potent antivirals versus COVID, Ebola, and other coronaviruses.

  • COVID Revs Up The Antibiotics Space

    NovaBiotics’ CEO, Deborah O’Neil, shares some surprising information about the way Covid has enlivened not only her company’s area of business, but also the antibiotics space industrywide.

  • Women In Bio: Riding The Waves Of Change

    WIB’s top execs discuss how the group is faring in the midst of two world-transforming events: the Covid-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protest.

  • Companies To Watch: Osivax

    Osivax is developing universal vaccines for influenza, coronaviruses, and other infectious diseases such as malaria and human papillomavirus (HPV). Preclinical studies also have started on a coronavirus vaccine, which would include Covid-19.

  • Companies To Watch: CalciMedica

    “In a sense, the Covid association was a golden opportunity for our drug,” says Rachel Leheny, CEO of CalciMedica, a pharma focused on anti-inflammatories for pancreatitis that has now shifted to treatments for Covid-19 pneumonia.

  • Eyes On Horizon, Buying Into Bio

    CEO Tim Walbert talks about how his company, Horizon Therapeutics, has gone from acquiring commercial drugs and remarketing them to using their R&D to focus more on bio-based medicines such as monoclonal antibodies and genetically engineered proteins.

  • The Co-Opportunities Of COVID-19

    An interview with Arda Ural, Ph.D., who leads the life sciences team at Ernst & Young, which is tracking biopharma’s readiness and reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Companies To Watch: Cidara Therapeutics

    Cidara Therapeutics is training its novel treatment and preventative for flu and other viral infections on Covid-19.

  • Companies To Watch: Equillium

    Equillium is keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 challenge, but sticking to acute GVHD, uncontrolled asthma, and lupus nephritis as primary inflammation targets.

  • The Viral Startup

    ViralClear, formed in March 2020 to obtain a drug whose potential use against COVID-19 already has substantial support in evidence. The company is employing considerable industry expertise to move it into clinical development.

  • Companies To Watch: Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals

    Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals is continuing clinical programs during the COVID-19 challenge and advancing novel approaches to cancer, inflammation, and viruses.

  • A European Model For Innovative Bio Funding

    Challenge breeds creativity, and a fresh example of that has emerged in Germany’s Ruhr Valley, with the company Abalos Therapeutics and the unique funding model that supported its launch.

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Wayne Koberstein

Wayne Koberstein is a 30-year veteran of the publishing industry, with extensive experience in publishing, communications, and business development. Wayne has interviewed and profiled more than 300 top executives in pharmaceutical companies, as well as major regulatory and health care leaders, around the world. He has also created special media projects and conferences, in addition to serving widely as speaker, moderator, and advisor for industry meetings.