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Companies To Watch: Scynexis
Scynexis is creating multiple development programs and a new class of antifungals — all in a single, and singular, drug.  Continue Reading..
  • Competing Interests Complicate FDA Reform

    With input from two long-time observers of the biopharma industry and its U.S. regulator, this article covers a cross-section of opinions regarding trends and proposals for improving the FDA review process.

  • Crossing Over From Supplier To Sponsor

    What can make a company decide to enter new therapeutic entities into clinical development after decades as a dedicated supplier to bio research labs? Here we explain the reasons and implications of ArunA Bio’s decision.

  • Taking It All The Way To Phase 3 Clinical Trials

    Pluristem offers one example of how a new company in drug development can build the needed infrastructure to maintain its independence as a sponsor.

  • Companies To Watch: Obsidian Therapeutics

    Obsidian Therapeutics targets gene and cell therapies with a technology designed to control the production and activity of therapeutic proteins those therapies induce.

  • Companies To Watch: eXIthera

    This month’s company to watch is eXIthera, which is focused on inhibiting Factor XIa, a new target that may offer a way to avoid the bleeding problems with current anticoagulants.

  • Companies To Watch: Leading Biosciences

    Leading Biosciences is applying the science of digestive proteases to treating or preventing multiple diseases and conditions, starting with delayed return of post-surgical bowel function (ileus) and adhesion with its lead product candidate, coded LB1148.

  • Athira’s Whole-Patient Drug Development

    One company is atypical in the industry for its use of patient and caregiver input to guide its drug-development journey. That shows in the program for its lead drug entering later-stage trials in treating Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Meeting Business Challenges By Design, Not Accident

    The story of the business challenges faced by Diasome Pharmaceuticals as it develops its insulin-enhancing delivery technology, which seeks to correct a long-known deficiency in subcutaneous injection of insulin.

  • Companies To Watch: Bioharmony Therapeutics

    Bioharmony Therapeutics is developing novel, “lysin-based” antimicrobials. The company is out to change the world of antibiotics, not by tweaking an old formula, but by advancing an entirely new mode of action.

  • Companies To Watch: Angion

    Angion is developing a small molecule mimetic of the hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), which works to protect kidney and other organ cells from damage due to disease, physical injury, and indirect consequences of surgery and trauma.

  • Companies To Watch: Synlogic

    Synlogic is an early-stage developer of “synthetic biotic” medicines — therapeutics consisting of beneficial microbes genetically engineered to treat rare metabolic diseases.

  • GlycoMimetics Aiming At Tough Targets

    An exclusive interview with Rachel King, a business person dedicated to a science-driven sector, who is CEO of GlycoMimetics, an oncology-focused biotechnology company.

  • Companies To Watch: Provention Bio

    This 15-person virtual biotech is trying to stop immune-mediated disease early, before it becomes a chronic condition.

  • Medicines360 On A Mission For Women

    Medicines360 is using all its developed-world revenue to extend access to essential medicines to all women, regardless of the economic and healthcare circumstances in their part of the world.

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Wayne Koberstein

Wayne Koberstein is a 30-year veteran of the publishing industry, with extensive experience in publishing, communications, and business development. Wayne has interviewed and profiled more than 300 top executives in pharmaceutical companies, as well as major regulatory and health care leaders, around the world. He has also created special media projects and conferences, in addition to serving widely as speaker, moderator, and advisor for industry meetings.