Magazine Article | October 10, 2017

Prometic: New Tech Harvests Orphan Treatments

Source: Life Science Leader

By Wayne Koberstein, Executive Editor, Life Science Leader magazine
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Always stick with your original goals, even when you reap another, off-the-scale success. Like many biopharma companies, Prometic invented a novel technology platform, initially to make new medicines available to unserved populations. It never strayed from that path, but its platform proved to be enormously useful in many other ways. Thus, again like many biopharmas, Prometic came to straddle two sides of the business: as a technology supplier to other companies, and as a developer of its own original products, most of them for treating orphan conditions. It is impossible to discuss the latter without explaining the former, yet this story centers on the company’s founding purpose — bringing those new treatments into being.